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BenchMore 1 Rep Max Bench Press Calculator

A bench press calculator is used to calculate your theoretical one-rep max for the bench press exercise. Since weight, sets and repetitions may vary throughout your strength training program, a 1 rep max calculation gives you a consistent metric for measuring your improvement on the bench press.

How to use Our Bench Press Calculator

  1. Select the weight you can Bench Press
  2. Select the number of Reps (repetitions)
  3. Calculate your 1 Rep Max
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How To Use Bench Press Calculators to Get the Results You Want

female personal trainer spotting a man bench pressingLet’s face it, working out can be pretty hard at times especially if you’re not the type who does this on a regular basis. However, you need to exercise your muscles in your arms, thighs, legs, abs and even in your chest area. The chest area or the pectorals, as most people call it, are one of the hardest areas to develop. That is why some men really spend time doing bench presses so they can firm up the muscles in their pectorals. One way to keep yourself in lined with a difficult workout like this is by keeping a record of your exercises and monitor the right amount of repetitions and sets through a bench press calculator.

Perhaps you might think that keeping a bench press calculator is only an addition and not a mandatory part of your routine. But make no mistake about it, because keeping a chart and calculating your bench press exercises will definitely make a difference in your workout routine.

Here are some of the uses of a bench press calculator that will help you get the results that you want:

  1. One of the key features of the calculator is taking note of the day and time of your workouts. If you keep a record of all the times and days you have done your bench press exercises, you will be more motivated seeing as how you need to catch up and continue this type of workout.

  2. You will also have to take down your body weight. As you continue to exercises, you will see the rapid changes and the effects of doing these exercises in your weight. 

  3. A calculator will also serve as your guide as to how many repetitions and sets you should make in this particular routine. You might begin with a very low count of reps and sets, but you will need a chart to monitor when you have begun this number and determine when you can progress to the next stage.

  4. The chart also contains the level of weights you are in. If you have a bench press calculator you will be able to monitor your progression from this amount of weight to the heavier ones. 

  5. You will also need this calculator to keep track of your endurance, strength and agility. You can use scoring units for these things.

As you can see, there are lots of uses for a bench press calculator. Use this to your advantage to properly monitor your progress and get yourself motivated in the process. Keeping track of your workout routine will definitely give you something to look forward to as well as mark the milestones of your exercise history. Calculating the right measurements of your body weight, the weight that you are lifting and the number of sets and reps you make will definitely help you make the most out of your workout routine. This will also show you your progress and give you more reason to continue what you are already doing especially since you are able to see the fruits of your labor marked down on paper.


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